We believe that all people, regardless of their age, are learners. We each have experiences, reflect on them, and adjust accordingly. Our teacher's do not hesitate to admit when they don't know an answer to a question, and we make a point to identify times we feel frustrated or make a mistake. At Woodland Playhouse, we learn and grow together both as individuals and as a community and encourage our students on the path of a life-long learner. 

We assess young children’s individual needs by witnessing a young child’s strengths, progress, and needs. Our teachers utilize developmental checklists, developmental milestones, our education and our experience when assessing an individual child’s needs. Checklists aside, for a child to thrive there must be a comfortable and courteous relationship between teacher and parent. This relationship further fosters the children's connection to the classroom and the community; they are learning through observation and experience. When the child feels rooted, connected, and safe, they are able to truly explore, cultivate, and learn.