I have a long history with Woodland Playhouse.  I have partnered with Woodland Playhouse both as a parent and a library director for 13 years, and worked with director Christina Davis for around the same length of time.

My family started with Woodland Playhouse at its founding.   During the 6 years that my girls were students and campers, Woodland Playhouse was a heartfelt, open environment where children were free to be themselves, learn about the needs of their friends, discover nature, and … play, play, play.

We have a special relationship with Woodland Playhouse director Christina Davis.   Long ago, she cared for our children when Christina was in high school.  She was an unflappable and loving caregiver whom we watched grow into a perceptive educator and person with a passion for early education.   Through college and graduate school, Christina has worked harder than anyone I know to hone her teaching abilities and knowledge.  She is a balance of holistic learning and the lastest developments of STEM and education.  This is all balanced by a warm, loving personality in which children, my own included, feel safe and nurtured.

Additionally, Christina founded a partnership between the local public library (at which I am director) and Woodland Playhouse which is going into its 5th year.  For 40 weeks a year, she has provided a library program she developed to encourage early literacy, the joy of reading, and to teach the responsibility that comes with borrowing a book.    The program involves a rotating lending library and a visit at the playhouse each week.      

We think the world of Woodland Playhouse and are so grateful to be part of it.


Elizabeth Potter

Director, Phoenicia Library

Woodland Playhouse is an amazing place where kids are free to be kids. Play is at the center of it all and the energy and love that is devoted to each child by the staff is incredible. 


My son has been a part of the Woodland Playhouse community for 2.5 years and he absolutely loves it there. We’ve seen so much positive growth and learning happen with him as a direct result of the experiences he’s been able to have at the Playhouse. 


Christina and the other teachers go above and beyond to provide support to each individual child but also to the parents as well. We know our son is thriving thanks to the care and attention given to him each day. 


We are so grateful to have found this community - it is truly special and we are honored to be a part of it.

Autumn Brookmire


Woodland Playhouse is an amazing preschool for young learning minds. The teachers truly care about ALL the children and teach them so many important skills and give them so many opportunities to learn and grow. The best part is that all the learning is done without screens or battery operated devices. Everything is hands on and they get to spend so much time outside with nature. They also offer before and after care, which is a lifesaver due to my family's work schedule. I love that my older son can get on and off the bus at his sister's preschool so they can learn and grow together, while making long lasting memories. I highly recommend Woodland Playhouse! 

Brittany Alexander 

Guidance Counselor 

My daughter joined Woodland Playhouse for her last year of preschool. She began as a shy, unsure little girl who had trouble in groups with regards to the skills of sharing, taking turns and tackling challenges. She has flourished over the past several months becoming outgoing, empathetic and rising to challenges without a second thought. We are so pleased with the nurturing environment that allowed her to grow in so many ways. She is ready to take on kindergarten and has made some wonderful friends who will be moving on with her. The community of parents and teachers is an incredible added bonus. Everyone is hands on and deeply committed to the community.  I cannot say enough about how happy we have been with Woodland Playhouse.

Shauna Vinci


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