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Sick Policies & Emergencies

Children with the following symptoms are considered to be mildly ill and may not attend Woodland Playhouse:


* The illness or the child’s reaction to it, requires more care than staff can provide or compromises the health and safety of others;


* Significant fever, as defined below:


Children should be excluded and referred to a health care professional whenever fever is accompanied by a behavior change, stiff neck, a rash, unusual irritability, poor feeding, vomiting or excessive crying. Fever means:


  • Auxiliary (ear) temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit


* Persistent diarrhea, defined as three or more stools in a 24 hour period, when that pattern represents:


  • An increase number of stools compared to the child’s normal pattern

  • Increased stool water

  • Diarrhea accompanied by symptoms of dehydration, such as sunken eyes, dry skin, concentrated urine, or small amounts of urine, no urine in four hours; or

  • Diarrhea accompanied by blood in the stool.

  • Undiagnosed rash, except for minor diaper rash

  • Vomiting two or more times in previous 24 hour period, or any vomiting accompanied by symptoms of dehydration or other signs of illness.

  • Until a medical evaluation allows inclusion, signs and symptoms of possible illness such as lethargy, uncontrolled coughing, persistent abdominal pain, discolored urine, refusal to eat or drink, irritability, persistent crying, difficult breathing, wheezing or other unusual signs.


Medical Emergency Policy


  • Teachers will remain calm

  • Call 911

  • Contact child’s parent

  • Keep the other children calm and occupied

  • Stay with the child until help arrives

  • Notify the licensing office of the emergency

  • Complete and file an incident report

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