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Community Life

At any age (including adulthood), entry into a new setting can be uncomfortable and a search for familiarity and stability ensues. We hope to help children feel secure by meeting them individually in their own home before orienting them to a new setting. All children who are enrolled at Woodland Playhouse will receive a home visit from one of their teachers before they start.


In order to keep families informed and involved, we offer the following:

  • Newsletters distributed twice a month

  • Teachers share stories and information about each child

  • Regular e-mail correspondence 

  • Curriculum Night 

  • Parent-teacher conferences (November and April)

  • Whole school community meetings

  • Story Journey (October)

  • Art Show (February)

  • Spring Fair (May)

  • Community Work Days

  • Graduation Ceremony


Parent Involvement


Woodland Playhouse is committed to providing an affordable, high quality early learning environment that is community based. In order for this to work we are dependent on parent volunteer work, participation, and involvement. Collaboration between families, friends, and teachers, creates an environment in which our children can thrive. Knowing this, we require each family to offer six hours of community involvement per child per calendar year. We encourage parent’s involvement because every child in our community feels their parents’ presence in our school through the work they have done. Every child knows their parents have contributed to building their school in this short amount of time! Families are also expected to attend at least one of the Community Work Days, either in the fall or spring and at least one Community Meeting per school year. 

Media & Technology


We absolutely do not use television, computers, video games, or battery operated toys in our classroom and we ask that families that do please leave them at home. Further, we ask that families be mindful about the amount of screen time and media exposure they allow at home.

Community Resources In Our Area

While Woodland Playhouse is proud to be a local resource to the community, no one can do it all! Throughout the school year, your teachers and the staff at Woodland Playhouse are available to answer questions about child development, early childhood education, and recommendations specific to your child. In addition, here are some other local resources:

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