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Camp Listings 2024


*If your child is interested, they can bring their bike (with training wheels or without) to be left at an on-site camp for the week. Sometimes our traveling camps may request that families bring bikes for a specific day or days.  Helmets are a must! Elbow and knee pads are optional. We have tricycles that suit even our oldest campers so there is no pressure. We will allow only a small number of cyclists on our bike path in the back of the building. Please remember that riding bikes can cause bumps, bruises, and scrapes. If you are uncomfortable with your child riding, we do have the tricycles. Some of our most experienced bicyclists may ride their bikes along our widest nature path.


For all of our camps, campers will need to bring their own lunch and at least two additional snacks. It's helpful if these are clearly labeled for them and for us to support your intentions and food choices. Please pack lunches that do not need to be heated or refrigerated. Thank you.

Cancellation Policy (2024)

Cancellations made more than 14 calendar days prior to the first day of camp will be eligible for a 50% refund minus a $25 transaction fee. Cancellations made less than 14 calendar days prior to the first day of camp are not eligible for a refund.

What's an "Off-Site" or "Traveling" Camp?

These camps are often held at a different location than our "on site" camps, which are held at our year-round location on Route 28 in Phoenicia. Sometimes our camps are still held at the 28 location, but we exclusively spend our time on the 10 acres of land or in the NYS "forever wild" land behind the preschool. Other locations include the Ashokan Reservoir, Glenbrook Park, Kenneth Wilson Campgrounds, the Ashokan Reservoir, private property in Shokan, and The Catskills Visitor Center, to name a few. The exact locations for the week are released to enrolled families in the weeks preceding the camp. At no time will Woodland Playhouse staff transport a camper. Parents or caregivers will drop off their campers at the "off site" location each day, and the camp will remain at that specific location for the entire day. Often times camps will spend time at several different locations throughout the week. 

Pricing / Camp Tuition (2024)

Woodland Playhouse is committed to remaining accessible to all families without sacrificing the quality of care the campers receive. This year we are asking families that would like to apply for any kind of camp discount to use this form.  With communication, we are also able to set up payment plans. If you are interested in signing up for camp and pricing makes us inaccessible to you, please contact Christina directly.

To apply for a discount or a reduction in tuition for any reason, please use this form.  


Tuition is due within 14 calendar days of camp enrollment. If payment is not received within 14 days, you risk forfeit of your space in camp. Due to several unfortunate situations over the past several years, we cannot hold spaces beyond the 14 days without receipt of payment.

Our prices per week vary based on the individual camp, the date the payment is received, and the age of the camper. Please see the chart below for clarification.

Session (Ages):        Weekly base tuition costs based on date payment received:

< 3 years  /  >3 Years                                       2/16-5/15/24                               5/15-8/15/24

1a.  *Science Exploration (4-8)                    $325                                            $395

1b. *Survival Camp (5-10)                             $350                                            $425

2a. Art Camp (2-6)                                     $375 / $325                               $425 / $395

2b. Science & Agriculture (4-8)                    $325                                            $395

3a. Art Camp (4-8)                                       $325                                           $395

3b. Quest Camp (6-12)                                $375                                           $425

3c. Wonderful Water (2-6)                          $375 / $325                             $425 / $395

4a. Music Camp (2-6)                                  $375 / $325                               $425 / $395

4b. Outdoor Exploration (5-10)                      $325                                       $395  

5a. Theater Camp (4-8)                                $375                                     $425

5b. Going Buggy (2-6)                                  $375 / $325                              $425 / $395

6a. Faerie Garden Magic (4-8)                       $325                                   $395

6b. Bikes & Hikes (6-12)                               $325                                    $395

7a. Movement Camp (2-6)                          $375 / $325                                $425 / $395

7b. Camp of the Elements (4-8)                        $325                                          $395


*Indicates this camp is a 4 day camp. We are closed on Thursday, July 4th

Enrollment Requirements

Please note that no child will be permitted at camp without the following submitted prior to their due dates. This paperwork should all be sent electronically to Christina at . Thank you!

  • Medical form (for campers aged 2-4) to be received by 6/1/2024

  • Current vaccination record (all campers) to be received by 6/1/2024 [Please note that we must require all summer camp participants to be vaccinated for MMR]

  • Emergency card, photo release, and sunscreen/bug spray release (all campers) to be received by 6/1/2024

  • Payment (all campers) to be received within 14 calendar days of enrollment / receipt of invoice. Payments are accepted as cash, checks, or venmo payments. We do not accept zelle, paypal, or credit card.

  • If requesting an adjustment to camp tuition, this form must be completed within 7 calendar days of enrollment / receipt of invoice

  • Application for enrollment should be submitted through this form.

Where and When Do We Sign Up?

In 2024 we will be accepting enrollment only through our google form. Please also note that we require all forms be submitted digitally and sent via email to Thank you!

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